Liandri Angels

I’ve had these sitting around for quite a while. I admit the rigging is not perfect.
(mostly on the Heavy, I recommend not using it as an NPC, as the model is far larger than a valve biped permit and as such it snaps together when using any of the anims - just couldn’t find a way to make it work better, sadly)

Still they ought to work more or less fine for most things people throw at them. The heavy and medium should have normal eye and faceposing.

Oh and the NPC’s are combine, but mostly use female anims. Just had to use some of the specific combine animations to avoid t-posing.

Also keep in mind this is the first NPC’s I’ve ever done.

The original game they’re from is unreal 2.
Just had to make the selfillum maps and normals more or less.

The medium is probably the most polished one. Keep in mind that the transparent areas on the medium and Heavy are lightly animated.

read the title as laundry angels for some reason…

Awesome,DLing now.

These models make me think of a combination of the Advent from Sins of a Solar Empire, the Kushun from Homeworld, and the Combine, nice work.

By the way are these available as player models?

No, but they do have the animations. Just add them to player models and you should be fine.
Also I have no clue what Kushani (Hiigarani) you can see in them, considering the only Kushan seen is S’jet :~

Neat. I’m always a sucker for sci-fi type models.

They have TIT ARMOUR.


I’m sorry, I was referring to the technology actually I wasn’t talking about the actual girls. ^_^’



You sir are GOD.

I’ve been wanting these for years!

Finally, some unreal 2 models!

Thanks, downloading right now.

Tit armor’s more fun to say.