Liara l4d2 model rip

ok theres a model in a left for dead 2 mod that i have. which has mass effect 2 characters in it. i have 3 of them but theres one distinct model which i was hoping could be ripped and used in GMOD. i can give you the link for the mod and maybe you guys can rip it and addon format it for gmod. and alert me if its face posible. or make it face posible.


Copy the VTX file so theres 3 of them, name them so they are (name).dx90, (name).dx80 and (name).sw, copy those and the other files (mdl, phy, vvd) and the vtx files into your garrysmod folder with the materials and textures (you must keep the file structures intact).

Congratulations it will now work in GMod ^^

Edit: But not as a playermodel, the bones are different like the TF2 ones.

you sir are a genius and i greatly worship your other work


ok i duped and renamed them like you said but i cant open the fucking things to get the folders. it just keeps telling me do you want to install them

also i dont have win rar. so bugger


i have now WELL AND TRULY FUCKED IT UP. i cant open the folders cause i dont have win rar. i dont have any other program capable of leaving the folder structure intact apart from windows explorer which ISNT AN OPTION.

so yeah.

thers no way i can go through all this complex file finding and extracting shit

another thing it wont let me extract the files

Ok i’ll have a look and see if I can get it working for you ^^

right thank you sir. not many other people would do this. you have earned every nice word to be called to you


Ok, gonna have to decompile and mess with it as every bone appears to be part of the collision model (so it’s way over the limit and wont spawn right).

The l4d2 model of liara’s pretty bad. I put it into gmod myself a while ago, it doesn’t have fingerposing, eyeposing, or anything, However:

Her facemap works on the all of Asari models in Wraithcat’s ME2 merc pack, though. If you wanted i could hex one of these instead, they’ve all got fingerposing, eyeposing and basic faceposing, as well as citizen anims.

That would be a good idea seeing as when i tried to decompile the model, no model data came with it @.@

How did you get it working in GMod with the insane physmodel?

I don’t remember the physmodel working, mine always spawned T-posed whenever it didn’t crash the game.

One of my friends got her working fine, physmodel and all, just i remember him giving up on posing her due to the model being so bad.

Probberly replaced the phy, that would be the sensible thing to do.

Yea do the hex, its the best course of action :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Well i got it working by building it a new phy file and it does have fingerposing but the fingers are so badly rigged its not worth using, has no face posing and probberly could have eye posing if the eye textures were messed with (thats if the eyepositions and stuff that the model has are correct).

On the whole, you’d be better off hexing one of the mercs as FloaterTWO said :stuck_out_tongue:

well… alright do what you need to do

because i cant model or hex

Hexing really isn’t as hard as it looks. Just take the time to learn it. Like me with viewmodeling. First I was like “NO WAY I CAN DO THIS”
then I sat down and did some research and it really isnt all that hard.

well ok i’ll see if i can learn it.


wait hang on, to save time why dont you let me have that model

Liara is one of the Mass Effect models that I feel the lack of most painfully. It’d be nice if that could be uploaded, as insufficent as it apparantly is. It’d be even nicer if someone felt up to making it face-posable.

well then. that is why i started then thread. i needed for a comic

Give me the facemap and I’ll compile the head for posing purposes from my source files if you want. Should be easy to place on any models via the inflator then.

floater two has the skin, ask him

I forgot about this, sorry.

I’m sending wraithcat some stuff in a minute so i’ll throw that in too.

ok thanks floater