Liara T'Soni + BONUS EXCELLA PIC(18rated)

My attempt at a simple Mass Effect pic

Ok to stop the confusing, me being a total plum forgot about the NO NUDE rule so my bad, if anyone’s expecting anything,
but follow this link to my dA page where ya can see the Excella pic, once again sorry my bad.

Read the updated rules

Awww crap

Lighting looks pretty tight, but the shoulders look a wee bit too low there.

Get out now before they find you

Poses look a little unatural mainly the shoulders which are too low

Sorry my bad, sorted it now. It’s ok for the link to the pic though right?

Where are her shoulders? Do people really walk with their shoulders dislocated?

She’s an alien, maybe they do.

I want her blue flames on my tiny, tiny penis! I like the hand effects!

** Wat. **

her shoulders are a tad too low

no fuck you
dont you dare act normal after

man you cant just go on normally after someone posts that

act normal after?

After a post like Tital’s.


Nice lighting on her armor and biotic effect.

Thanks man, but like everyone said I done fucked up her shoulders. Might redo it.

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I could have just done with the “I like the hand effects!” Did NOT need the tiny penis part.