Lib32-gconf Dependancy on Arch Linux x86_64

Garry’s Mod has a dependancy on gconf/lib32-gconf, I’d rather not install this as it pulls a tonne of dependancies for a deprecated package.
Awesomium has noted that the dependancy has been removed, however I’m still getting the related “client library” error on boot.
The github issue has been closed, so I assume this problem has been fixed, I’ve tried verifying game content and cleaning out GarrysMod{garrysmod/bin,bin}, but that hasn’t fixed it. I’ll try redownloading the the whole thing if I can’t solve this in a less painful way.
Excuse me if this should be in a separate subforum.

I know it’s still required to run SteamCMD, so I’m assuming it’s a Steam dependency thing.