libcef.dll crash... Again.

Okay, so I joined my main mp server when I finally see myself in the server, I can’t do anything however, and I wait for the MOTD. This time was different, however, because I got a nice little “hl2.exe has crashed” error. I looked into it and apparently the libcef.dll has something to do with it. This has happened before, but I tried doing the same solution I did last time, but it seems that I’m getting this problem because of another reason. What can I do? I can go on SP just fine, if anyone is wondering.

And now it’s starting up again. (C’mon, 74 views and nobody says anything, I know someone knows how to fix it.)

I recall a post made earlier about removing .dlls from the module file, I did that, but no avail. Is there something else fucking it up? (yes, I know I restated my OP, but it’s the truth.

My title on Facepunch should be “Thread Bumper”.

Anyway, try verifying your cache. If that doesn’t work try backing up your add-ons and re-installing GMod.

Credit to cdr248 for the re-installing part.