Liberation of Paris

the girl’s eyes honestly kill the shot. why’s she staring like that?

scene setup and lighting look good though, as always

Have you not touched an American before?!

This model doesn’t have the best face flexes I’ve seen to be honest, it was already pretty painful enough to find a model of a woman that wasn’t overly sexualized so I had no other options than to use that.

Nice try but the soldiers are French :v:

sweet jesus is that the truth. i cannot find a single fucking model of a woman in 19th-20th century dress that doesn’t involve open cleavage or stripper legs or fucking anything of the sort. i like sexy shit as much as anyone else but sometimes you just want pedestrians.

Hell, I even had to cover her upper torso because the original one looks like that :

You have this uncanny knack for sunny daytime lighting that sets you out and you somehow get it right almost all the time, which is visually refreshing especially given being a ww2 scene. You’ve also got a tendency to show WW2 beyond combat, and scenes like this carry so much more story and character than any skirmish shot will. My only issue with this would be that the star on the front of the M1 is completely absent of any weathering and is pretty jarring due to its stark white colour (Looking at it more it seems to be unaffected by shadow as well. Is it shopped in?). Oh, and it’s not really your fault but the woman’s got some awful jankiness with her model.

Needs more baguettes, red wines and white flags.

I feel as though the Sherman crew riding unbuttoned would’ve been a nice touch, and it’d make sense as well… Considering they’re driving through a crowded street.