Liberty Prime Model from Fallout 3

Yeah, I shall be ripping Liberty Prime from Fallout 3, I am making this thread so I can let people know of this, and to make sure there isn’t already a Liberty Prime model already floating about.

Please note this is not a request, this is a WIP. I am not requesting it, I am working on it.

In request section please ^^’

There is, but it isn’t very easy to pose…

Well, lookign forward to it, especially if you do other things from Fallout 3 coughdeathclaw,radscorpion,aliencough

Your telling me that there is already a request? No I am not requesting it, I am ripping him and rigging him.

Ahh the death claw, I will get to that soon, and the radscorpion. Unfortunatly about the aliens I cannot get them yet, as I don’t have any money to download the expansion.

chinese ghouls please

Ok, I have ripped the model, now all I need to do is dig through the textures and find the correct ones…That is going to be a pain because there ALOT of texture files.

Already one, see:

Also, theres already an alien:

Fine, Please lock this thread then.

Those are both crappily done.

One is for Counterstrike source and possibly difficult to pose like S-Low’s other ragdolls, and the other is too floaty/heavy and difficult to pose correctly

That one is the npc version. It’s a entity.

Actually they are both fairly well done, the aliens easy to pose, and I just use the weight stool on Liberty Prime

How about an npc version?

Silverlan is working on the SNPC’s

Where can I get said Liberty Prime model.

Thanks, good sir.

Why was this bumped? I asked for this thread to get locked or left alone, I am not doing the model anymore.