Liberty Roleplay Community



Created by Stankill and me

-Very- Short Description:

Liberty Community is a English and French roleplay community.

We will have 5 (or 4) servers :
[li]Liberty RP : it’s just a real life RP with lots of original features … (Thread incoming)
[/li][li]Battle-Ship : You must destroy the enemies ship with your deadly weapons and your ship (here!)
[/li][li]Wasteland RP : Can you survive after Nuclear Bomb drop ? (Thread incoming)
[/li][li]SpaceBuild RP : Have you ever seen an ALIEN ?!(thread incoming)
[/li][li]StarshipTrooper RP : Just a Starship trooper roleplay

Find out more information at : Forum not released yet.

** We are actually hiring administrator and Moderator -> PM me.**

I hope you like us =D


Sounds very interesting, keep me updated.

Our forum comming soon !

What maps are you going to use for the different RP’s?

Liberty Roleplay was spelled exactly the same as yours, think of a unique name.

Woah, Deja Vu

Might have a look sometime. A little busy with my own community, Bits Roleplay, but as a matter of fact, I were a head admin in Liberty-Roleplay.

Is this going to be serious RP or DarkRP based?