LibK error when installing an addon made with LibK

Right so I’m trying to install KMapVote to my server - having a small issue, it’s having trouble loading. Here is the error that pops up -

Lua Error:

[ERROR] addons/kmapvote/lua/autorun/mapvote_init.lua:1: attempt to index global 'LibK' (a nil value)

I copied LibK over to my addons folder, but it didn’t fix the error message. Here is the mapvote_init file:

    addonName = "KMapVote",                  --Name of the addon
    author = "Kamshak",                         --Name of the author
    luaroot = "mapvote",                     --Folder that contains the client/shared/server structure relative to the lua folder,
	loadAfterGamemode = false
LibK.addReloadFile( "autorun/mapvote_init.lua" )

Post the results running print( type( LibK ) ) in your server console

Doesn’t seem to output anything. Does this mean my LibK isn’t installed properly?

If you are using linux, try to lowercase the libk folder.

Great idea, will try and report back with results.

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Not only did it fix it it also solved an issue with another addon, both had capitalised names. Moral of the story is: lowercase everything on linux. Thanks so much.