LibMySQL errors, playermiodel wont appear, no money and no salary. DarkRP please and helpy respected.

Dear Facepunch Community.

I asked for help about this not log ago and received no answers, so I will ask again.

One day while moving files I accidently deleted “libMySQL”, I then replaced it with a blank one and joined my server as usual. But when I joined, my hud displaed a black playermodel and no salary and no money. Also when I hold down tab it says I am “Joining/leaving”

And ideas how to fix this problem.

All help highly appreciated.


Tell me where the libMySQL was located then i’ll give you all the code in there so you can recopy and put it in the libMySQL

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Found the code for MYSQL.lua

RP_MySQLConfig = {} -- Ignore this line
Welcome to MySQL for DarkRP!
In this file you can find a manual for MySQL configuration and the MySQL config settings.

RP_MySQLConfig.EnableMySQL = false -- Set to true if you want to use an external MySQL database, false if you want to use the built in SQLite database (garrysmod/sv.db) of Garry's mod.
RP_MySQLConfig.Host = "" -- This is the IP address of the MySQL host. Make sure the IP address is correct and in quotation marks (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Username = "user" -- This is the username to log in on the MySQL server.
								-- contact the owner of the server about the username and password. Make sure it's in quotation marks! (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Password = "password" -- This is the Password to log in on the MySQL server,
									-- Everyone who has access to FTP on the server can read this password.
									-- Make sure you know who to trust. Make sure it's in quotation marks (" ")
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_name = "DarkRP" -- This is the name of the Database on the MySQL server. Contact the MySQL server host to find out what this is
RP_MySQLConfig.Database_port = 3306 -- This is the port of the MySQL server. Again, contact the MySQL server host if you don't know this.

Download andyvincent's/Drakehawke's/KingofBeast's gm_MySQL OO module and read the guide here:

	- There are always errors on the server, try if you can see those (with HLDS/server logs)
	- the same errors are also in the logs if you can't find the errors on the server.
		the logs are at garrysmod/data/DarkRP_logs/ on the SERVER!
		The MySQL lines in the log always precede with "MySQL Error:" (without the quotation marks)
	- make sure the settings in this file (mysql.lua) are correct
	- make sure the MySQL server is accessible from the servers IP

It was in the folder with srcds.exe.

Well I can’t help you there because my srcds.exe isn’t in any folders (Accept the first one that has my server files)

Yeah that one, sorry bad choice of words.

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Basically it is with srcds.exe

Like I said it isn’t in there. sorry

My server files and srcds are all in this one folder.

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Here is the photo, if it doesn’t work, could you say.[user]=141033838&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0

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Sorry photos never work for me. :frowning:

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Folders {

Files {

That is what that folder looks like.

Simply run the exact same script you used when you installed the server. It will find and replace missing, corrupt or edited dependencies.

Ok, I have to go the now, but will try tomorrow, I tried updating it and it never worked, but I will try create new server and add the files back in.

THanks for the help, will reply if it doesn’t work.