libmysql is crashing server?

I downloaded this libmysql for my Dibian Linux server. It works but then it crashes instantly without any errors in console…

Get the 32-bit version from here:

I have it downloaded but I am used to installing it with the regular .dll file or .so.18 how would i install this one .-. ? Sorry I am pretty stupid ;-;

Just put it in the root garrysmod directory alongside SRCDS.

I think I might be missing something. . . I have a .tar.gz file do I need to extract the folder that contains my SRCDS ?

What is a .tar.gz file? The module?

I downloaded this

& Got this file

When I open that file it has these random files in it.

Unless I fucked up somewhere? I dont think I did. But it is 100% possible. >.>

What’s inside the lib folder?