and Garrysmod seem to have killed my Dedicated box, #DRAMA


I went Home and noticed, my Dedicated seems to use lot of Memory,CPU and some I/O spikes, first i thought the HDD died, only Hard Reset fixed it.

So Hard Reset and Syslog gave me dat:

19:07, we did the Hard Reset.

It seems to maybe relate to that issue: but i am not quite sure.

OS: Debian 8.0

I actually used the libc6 from /linux32 which gave me the steamcmd, Garrysmod wont run without it.
Any ideas?

That’s very strange. I’m not exactly sure why you are getting segfaults.

The server should automatically use the 32 bit version of libc6 as long as you have it installed. You did install libc6-i386 right?

Is it a skylake based intel cpu?

^ It’s not necessarily the issue, but worth considering.

Yeah libc6-i386 is installed, its actually a Intel® Core™ i3-4130T Haswell based.