Lich Hunt Gamemode


This is a simple gamemode a friend and I have been working on and off for a little while here called Lich Hunt.

The gamemode is a bit of a mix between The Hidden and PropHunt but the premise remains simple: Kill the Lich.

When the round starts, the player who is the Lich hides their heart within a prop anywhere on the map. After he has hidden his heart, it will begin to beat loudly. Players have to listen for the heartbeat and search the map for the prop the heart is hidden in. In the mean time, the Lich is invisible and can burn players, make props explode around them, spawn zombies, warp around, or duplicate props (In the case you’ve exploded all of them or the map has few props to begin with). However once his heart is destroyed, he loses the majority of his mobility and health. The more players, the more health the Lich has. The player to kill the Lich becomes the next Lich. I’m hoping I could get some feedback or suggestions to how I can make the gamemode more enjoyable. As of now players really like the concept. If you are interested in trying the Gamemode, you can do so at (so long as the server is up).

Lich Has to Hide his Heart[/t]

The Lich knows where his heart is, other players can only hear it beating.

The Lich is invisible to other players…

Until his heart has been destroyed.

The Lich has to do anything he can to protect his heart.

If you’re interested in the hosting the Gamemode, here’s the Github:
It works on most any map with props, though they’re not required.

Interesting idea. Is there an plan to release the gamemode later?

I’d be happy to release it later if there was any demand.

Seems legit.

Hmm I might come on for a bit and try it out, Sounds fun :slight_smile:

That’s really nice. Just send me the github link then, i would love to make 1-2 pull request :slight_smile:

probably one of the most creative ideas for a gamemode in this thread in the past year

Sounds like a neat fun idea, Ill be sure to try it :slight_smile:

Any plans on a public release?

looks like fun

Thanks guys. If you like the concept you can try it out and give some feedback. Judging by the nature of unknown gamemodes though you might need to invite a friend or two to join.

Would love to put an Australian server up for Halloween

Great idea. I’d be willing to host a server for the gamemode, sounds really fun.

A nice, fresh idea for a gamemode. I’d love to give it a go.

France is ready to put a server online too!
That’s a good idea of release.

Would be interested in obtaining this gamemode an even hosting a server if it’s stable enough.

Is this a private gamemode or are you going to release it when its done?

Doh, didnt see that. :X


In case anybody is still interested: