Licker Pounced Zoey (Test of upcoming new Resident Evil 5 model)


A test really so it might not be perfect. I was gonna have the Licker mauling either Chris, Sheva or Jill but it quickly turned into Zoey for some reason, heh.
Anyway, C&C!

Holy shit at the model. Everything else is good too

cool model

Oh, just wait 'till SatanSin gets his claws on that. We’d probably quite a bit of licking from him if he did.

Now give her some tongue action there.

That’s one vicious looking bugger.

Damn awesome.

“Give us a kiss my pretty girl”

Good pose and original is pretty good aswell.

Dayumn, dno what the spitter does, but it’s probably safe to say she’s screwed!

Nice pic, sweet posing

The smoker aint got shit againts this one.
Awesome model, and nice posing/angle.


I was expecting some actual licking :smug:

Damn licker betas. They can’t be satisfied with impaling you with their tongue NO… They have to be able to pounce you too.

Awesome work.

he’s groping her
dirty licker you

Sweet Jeezus!I can’t wait for these new modesl you show in your pics!

Do I smell kinky rape?

Zoey’s gonna get raped for sure. :smug:

Great, now Sheva and Zoey have something in common.

The Licker does come with a tongue to lick things (duh), but it ain’t easy to pose with, and even harder in this pic.

Thanks for the comments yall! :smiley: