Lien-Da the Echidna

Dear users,

I am probably going to get negativity and, in some cases, excuses. But I won’t give up trying to request models, because giving ups for quitters, and quitting is definitely not my nature.

Anyway, I am now going to request that a model of Lien-Da the Echidna be made (I like the Sonic comics. Screw Canon Storylines!) These images are the best that I can provide.

Further Details

Games: Garry’s Mod and Source Filmmaker
Faceposing: Yes (Those Sonic Generations models have a broad range of expressions)
Fingerposing: Yes
Height and Proportion: Same as any Sonic Character
Other: Bullwhip, Electric Whip

Again, I won’t give up. Hell, I would offer currency to get it finished, but I’m guessing you guys don’t accept Bitcoin or any of the Altcoins.

Either way, I’ll try countless times until my request is fulfilled. That’s the only way anything gets done anymore.

you’re already giving up by constantly requesting shit for others to do for you. so you’re already a quitter. lol

Boy, that won’t get annoying fast.

I am eating carrots and when I entered this thread I almost choked and sprayed carrot chunks all over my screen from laughing so hard.

Honestly, making a model from scratch like that is hard and long to do. I must say that you gave me something worthy of laughing to though.


Why not Psychic? She’s the best hedgehog of them all!

Why stop there? There’s plenty of other perfectly good sonic OC- I mean comic characters that could be used!

General Bulldog!

Blue Espio!

Just An Actual Regular Human Black Guy, For Some Reason:

The possibilities are probably endless!

I’d rather see an actual regular human black guy than an actual regular human turquoise guy tbh.

Jesus, what’s up with this guy’s brow? Why is it going over his horn/nose?

Just as I thought. A gang of no-good trolls who don’t know the meaning of the phrase, “Lend a helping hand” show up.

Well, There is no way I’m going to stop with the requests. That is part of my first amendment rights.

The internet hardened my soft shell, so now it’s my turn.

One more thing, shouldn’t you kids be in school?

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Your mom’s a sight to laugh at.

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Aww did that offend you? Oh what a shame.

Look at yourself. Hiding behind your little computer screen because you’re too scared to say things directly in peoples faces.

You’re basically a coward.

Watch that edge buddy

Why don’t you ask one of the old writers, looks like he made one just for you.

That’s right, use your first amendment rights on a British based website


I think you should be the one in school, especially since the only people who play sonic are children :V

But really though, if I were you, I’d just find a regular sonic character model and retexture it, since all Sonic characters seem to be retextures. Maybe if you’re able to do that (and I’m not speaking for others on this), someone’s willing to rig it for a fair price. Like my friend and I were talking about the other night, nobody’s willing to rig every Tom, Dick, & Harry of the Sonic franchise for free. And even if you do that, I don’t think anybody would be willing to rig it for “the guy who won’t stop making request threads every week” or whatever. But then again, they’d probably be willing to if you offer to pay. Sweet dreams aren’t free unless you live in North Korea and your name’s Kim Jong-un, but you’re not. You’re TheManY2K. If we’re a bunch of no-good trolls, hey, you can always hit up SFMlab or something.

PS, If the internet “hardened my soft shell” and you’re saying stuff like YER MOMS A SIGHT TO LAUGH AT and AWWW DID I OFFEND YOUS?!!??!?! then it pretty much shows that you’re still upset enough to address it. Stop playing hardman and either take what I said into account or keep muckin’ up, boyo.

On the off chance this is all real then the fact you’re a 26 year old man spazzing the fuck out over not getting a sonic model is actually pathetic.

You’re posting on a privately-owned website based in the UK. The First Amendment does not apply here, colonial.

If this is your idea of “cool insults” then it’s little surprise that your entire understanding of human interaction comes from The Sonic the Hedgehog® Extended Universe™.

Great Scott, what in the world is happening here!? I don’t know who’s serious and who’s not! I don’t know if the original request was a joke! Why is everyone throwing “Funny” votes around!? Am I missing something here!? I have so many questions! DX

Nothing personnel, kid, but I think a ragdoll of Coldsteel is a more worthy cause.