"life goes on" zombie apocalypse survivor passing time.

my 2nd pic.


Ahahahahahaha dis is funny ur funny u shold b a comedy ahahahahah 10/10 a+++++++ make mo

Story of my life… I would totally be in this situation when the dead walked the earth.

At least all the grunts and groans could fool the zombies…

What do you mean by “story of my life”? Wouldn’t this just be a hypothetical scenario? Also, I think you forgot that all the printing presses broke when FRICKING ZOMBIES INVADED

he’s reading the comics guys…duh.

for starters, turn up your graphics.

So he can’t put his gun down for one second to read the comics?

its a zombie apocalypse. cant let your gun down.

It would be better if you had some zombie corpse nearby…It looks like a armed gaurd taking a crap in a paint bucket in front of a house quarantined by Swine Flu

You should really turn up your graphics.

It’s really empty.

too blurry