" Life is a theater, and I'm it's best actor..." - Goldie's showtime.

Picture music:

only ingame editing fuckers! :c00l:


Extreme Picture is came.

Fucking Enough Pissing In Cars.

Your a bitch you know that, stop making really cool pictures >:O

Woah that’s really good but…

What the fuck is up with his face.

is is solid gold mask…
it is just fucked up lighting that gives that ‘hole’ effect XD

Is he gay?

what? no!
why you even thinked of that? :eek:

Rather trippy my good man.

The begining of the song suit’s very well, also its very well organised.

That is awesome!

what is this?

Holy crap that’s great! Music matches so much.

I love this.
this is amazing.

It’s great, but I was expecting something with a splicer from bioshock in it.

I tought nobody else listened to Pendulum.
Anyways, good job as usual.

Nice picture, and off topic question: what’s the directory for the welders mask from EP2? I can’t find it.

Your originality continues, excellent work as always


something with forest or something like, I wish I could help you. I usually search for “weld” or “mask”

Damnit every time I hear Goldie I think sin city x.x

This is pretty cool though.

The music fits perfectly. Well done.