Life is Precious

So a big thing I have noticed in Rust is being killed has such a small impact it would be silly to call it a survival game game at the moment.
The key to survival is to not die but at the moment I feel like killing myself is an important feature with positive results. (sleeping bags are more like cloning machines that kill the original. The teleporter paradox anyone?)

What I would like to see if some benefits to staying alive.

My idea is to kill 2 birds with one stone and fix the blueprints as well with the age of your character defining what things you can craft. Let me explain…

blue prints would work like normal but the tier system would work differently. The level of blueprint you can research depends on how old you are. (high tier bp can only be researched/discovered by 10 in-game day old characters)
Then to craft that item once learnt would also require your age to match the blueprint. The random blueprints could be found above your current level but you would still need to be old enough to craft it.

On this subject I think blue print pieces should be replaced with scraps to research with. Though I’m assuming it is planned as it seems strange to craft a salvaged axe from scratch? “did I make a shovel and then break it down for the butt of my ak?”

There are cons to this like people going afk to age their character but that could be nerfed by making your age impacted by distance traveled as well.

That’s my idea out of many running around me head. Not perfect so chuck in some suggestions.


How about you would have to click an icon showing up on uneven intervals in different locations on the screen to be able to age?

i dont know where your playing at but all the servers i play on its kill or be killed. besides then no one would leave there base.

Tiered blueprint system could be great. I was thinking about leveling system but aging system would be nice too. Main reason I want this is hackers actually. High end weapons should require high level. So hackers won’t be able to rage with AK rifles from the get go. There is no real loss other than your game key when you get banned. I’m sure hackers will think twice before they risk their aged or leveled character.

I don’t know what the current attitude of the average player has to do with this after their attitudes change if this was implemented.

And I don’t think people would stay in their bases as most players need to collect resources and material to research items. It would be possible to stock up and then not worry about your characters age for a bit.

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Well you could still use the weapons. just not craft them or research them until you are older.

Youre right that there needs to be more incentive not to die, however I think the idea of linking that with time spent alive is a bit of a bad idea.

Weapons and armor should be more expensive/difficult to craft, and/or the bp’s should be much rarer. Then if you die and lose your weapons, you’ve been set back quite a way

They should remove the sleeping bags and their function alltogether. There should be no fast travel option. It would suck to die to a wolf by accident, but I think the sleeping bag(s) is being abused alot. Death would be alot worse without sleeping bags.

I like the idea of a massive loss to progress to create incentives to stay alive.

If this is truly a survival game, death needs to come with stiff penalties.

If rust had a stat system dying would be more painful. Imagine losing all your progress on a high stat character.

Indeed. Maybe no sleeping bag and 15 minutes “timeout” where you can play a minigame called “Purgatory”.

Like a survival game? That’s what gets the heart pumping. Risk.

The game is moving closer and closer to team deathmatch and I am starting to see why more and more servers are cutting out the middle man and just giving players all the resources and gear.

I WANT the risk of losing something while I am playing. I want to be able to play smart and sneak around. To weigh up the risk and choose my fights. Not to run’n’gun.

You could even meet it half way and just shave a day or 2 off your life so repeated attacks would whittle down your life.

It’s not stats like health and damage either. The blueprints would be the only thing effected and if you store some backup guns and armor it won’t be so bad.

I have two better solutions, both of which are plugin ideas I’ve written down a long time ago and didn’t get to yet. Before anyone calls me out on stealing ideas, they are both big mashups of a lot of different ideas I’ve seen over the last few months on here and reddit as well as from players I play with. Not claiming to have come up with this on my own or anything.

The first is simply having a death penalty. This is a survival game, dying should not be a trivial thing. Suicide in particular should be punished severely so are easily avoidable deaths like drowning, falling from too high, dying from radiation, etc. I have a ton of ideas written down as to what exactly would happen, but basically, it should be to a point where dying is a QQ event even if you have nothing on you. I actually have a working concept plugin of this one that adds a 30 minute debuff to players on suicide/radiation death, making radiation almost an instakill hazard. The idea with this one was to prevent skinny rad town farming.

The other idea is less punitive, more of a carrot stick concept. Simply reward every action made with a small but significant enough to care boost that resets on death. You mine rocks, you get better at it. You skin animals, you get better at it. You eat bullets, survive and heal yourself you get better damage protection and a slight healing boost. You craft stuff you get faster crafting. You research stuff, you get increased chance to succeed. You shoot people you get more damage on them… you eat food, you gain more health and satiation from it, etc.

I’d have pretty much every action increase up to say 20% more than normal but over a rather long amount of time. In order to get your 20% mining boost for instance, you’d mine enough to fill your inventory several times over, same for everything else. Getting to 20% on everything would take quite a bit of dedication and effort, ever increasing how dearly you hold to your life.

You die, you fall back to 0% on everything and start over.

I like the idea of aging and having visible signs to show how long you’ve survived. I don’t know about locking new people out of learning certain craftable items. This will shift the balance of power to the more established people even more.

For an aging incentive, maybe make crafting more efficient the older you are…ie: less resources and time to craft items.

Deicide[RS] I like your second idea. I have same feelings about death/survival. Also the longer you live you change visually, your beard become longer and longer. When your stats go up your beard become longer.

Or penis :slight_smile: but yeah this would radically change how we play the game. It would put the survival back into the game, stop suicide runs and travel, probably reduce KoSing a lot too, etc.

This only benefits the big groups even more. I am already loathe to leave my base with anything more than a vest and a bow for fear of running into a geared up group with AK’s.

How about a really long timer after the first time a bag is put down? I get tired of picking off one or two in a group, and them just dropping a bag to have to guy spawn in and pick up his stuff. If they had to wait 5 minutes to spawn, they’d have to contend with other folks coming in.

Yeah the sleeping bag is a TP back to the fight, if someone in group have a fucking sleeping bag in inventory, his friends die, he kills the threat, then just lay down the sleeping bag and his friend is back and geared again :frowning: I dont think this is right

Another idea - get rid of this revival bullshit. If you get rekt, you should stay rekt in my opinion.

But keep wounded- it’s nice to put your ass in someone’s face and sing The Macarena while you loot them before finishing them off with a mace blow to the balls.