Life is strange characters

i was just wondering - not sure if its already been requested. had a quick scan through the last few recent requests and such. (it’d help if i wasn’t pass-out exhausted) can someone port or whatever, the characters from that game ‘Life is Strange’ specifically the main character, but her associates and enemies would be nice too (time travel paradox comics, here we come…possibly)

and just the ragdolls please. if its not too much trouble. i’m not much of a fan of everything being made as a player model. i just don’t see the attraction to it.

p.s if this has already been requested, i apologize for the inconvenience.

They’ve been released for SFM, at least, on the workshop.

yea. but everything nice gets made for SFM now-adays. i’m talking about gmod here. dont tell me everyones forgotten about it already?