Life is Strange TexMod Issues

Before the release of Ep 2, TexMod worked fine and well, but now it won’t register with the game anymore for some reason. Using a texture mod package in-game or logging textures won’t work, and I’ve also tried uMod, and it’ll open a tab for LiS for a moment and then close it, then the game continues as normal. I would be very grateful and would give credit in future mods to anyone who could help!

Apologies if this is on the wrong board, I wasn’t 100% sure where to place it, and I saw skinning in the title so I figured textures fit in that category.

Thanks again for anyone who could help, and do ask if you need more specific information.

I just figured it out:

Copy TexMod into the directory where the LifeIsStrange.exe is located (…\Life Is Strange\Binaries\Win32)
Rename the original “LifeIsStrange.exe” to eg. “.LifeIsStrange.exe”.
Then rename the Texmod.exe to “LifeIsStrange.exe”.

Launch Life Is Strange trough Steam --> Texmod will open --> select the modified “.LifeIsStrange.exe” (the original .exe)

Now Life is Strange will launch and the Texmod overlay will appear.

You’re Welcome =)

Dude, knowing this is your first post you just kinda ascended from the sweet heavens and blessed me with your knowledge, thanks a ton dude! You just saved my project!