Life isn't good enough

Attempt at making a sad picture and to edit his face

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So… Tell me what you think

He doesn’t really look sad…

Tried to fix it a liitle bit, and he is also scared, because well… he going to kill himself and I bet that it isn’t easy

He looks like the heavy weapons guy in Meet the heavy

he looks like hes talking to someone, but i like it

wow, only 4 comments, I know that this isn’t my best but still… oh well

Great tear edit. One of the best I’ve seen.

Really nice tear, and in my opinion he looks sad enough.

Last bump, I promise

Nice picture mate.
Tear looks real.
Face not so.
He should have been like :frowning: not like D:

I love how everyone thinks the guy doesn’t look like he’s sad or going through a difficult process. Must’ve never seen themselves in the mirror while crying before/have bad body coordination, or maybe they all watch too much anime.

Looks very nice.

I watch anime but I still think he looks sad.

The editing on the tear is nice…but that’s not where tears come from, they come from the corner of the eye.

I like everything but the position the mouth is in. It looks unnatural. Other than that though everything is pretty good, most especially the tear. Try your hand at some other poses using crying, they’d probably be great if you can pull of tears like that every time.

Was I right about the tear thing? Or have I got them mixed up…

The music makes me want to play Call of Jaurez.

Don’t, terrible game.

The tear was really hard to make, I looked at several images of people crying and the problem is that where the tear is it is darker (wet) and the the white part is the reflex and it is usually on one side, the problem is that tears aren’t very noticeble, but still they must be noticed. It is hard to mix every component and still get a realistic result, spended about 25 minutes in her lol

Well, from what I saw most of the time they come from the corners (both) but some still came from the medium areas of the eye, so I guess that we are both right :slight_smile:

Awesome edit, very well done.