Life it seems will fade away...

Absolutely not happy about this one. Figures it might get a thread anyway since I took very long posing it.

The bloom and large open spaces of ground are the problem, otherwise it was a good idea and pretty well executed.

Also the title reminds me of a Roy Orbison song and that’s never a bad thing :coal:

All the bodies are way too dark for the bright ground.
In the aggregate with the lack of shadows it makes the picture look like it’s made by some newbie,not you

this is the lats fucking time i use this angle, i can never get this shit right

It is a really awesome angle though. At first I was like “what?” then I saw it and understood it and was like “woah!” It looks nice.

Reminds me of the ending of the pilot episode of The Walking Dead for some reason, maybe the angle.

love the top angle view

Love it pal!

Whats with the pilot zombies?
Shouldn’t they be at an airport?

Is the title a reference to Metallica? Nice picture, very original with the angle.

The camera angle is amazing but the composition is kinda crappy. Awesome posing and scale though.

You know i’m complete shit at composition :v:

Pretty good.

I think it tells story what is gonig on there from itseft. Nice :smiley:

“…Drifting further everyday
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else…”

I like the angle and posing, 'cept on Francis :v:. Good job :buddy: