Life, Love, Culture, and whatever in Tokyo

Most of them are from Gmod with little edits.
It might not cover everything from Tokyo, but I think it’s very interesting city. =)

Also, thank you to Weenurs for guiding me how to put maps from Neotokyo Mod into Gmod.
C&C Please, and I will keep it for improvement.

The first one is nice.

Thanks =)

Where is the kimono model from?

I crop Kimono from internet and edit in photoshop. =)

The first three reminds me of ‘Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days’ also WHO DARE RATE THIS DUMB!! I TELL YOU, YOU ARE TOYING WITH THE GODS!!

Thank you =)
That guy always rate dumb to other arts, but I dont care. I just want ppl enjoy my picture and know some improvements.

I want those maps argh.

fave is the jill one for some reason

Zoey’s kimono is beatiful, great job.

That third one with the rain…the puddle effects on the right side of the picture are kinda off. There needs to be more perspective on it, it looks just like you’ve positioned the puddle effect flatly on top of the picture.

EDIT: Also I see a floating box in the background where you’ve covered up one of the more explicit posters.

That being said, they all look awesome.

Thanks all
I’m really appreciate.

First too remind me of Kane and Lynch 2. Good stuff, man

I like first pic and the last pic.

Zoey with kimono … you need to fix her shadow because her shadow isn’t with her kimono

but everything are awesome … good job! :smiley:

and it shouldn’t get “DUMB” … sorry for my bad english anyway.

Ahaha I just noticed the billboard/sign in the first pic.


Stay classy modders.


Nice job, but has anyone noticed that “Faraon_ZzZ” keeps rating every photo dumb now?

He’s jelly.

Speaking of which, how can i do that? I need some japanese maps.

yes please send me the link to the first map picture

It looks good but I get kinda angry when I see zoey’s battered face in every picture of yours
Try editing the bruises out?