Life Of A Gangster RP (LoGRP)

I came across the gamemode LoGRP in my windows.old directory, it took me a while to remember what it was. It is basically WarRP but with gangs such as bloods and cryps, with a few other jobs like police and citizen, cant remember much else. I retrieved this game mode after a community I was in started to fall apart. I was wondering who created this game mode and would they mind if I releases it here for someone to possibly fix up if its even worth fixing.

This is the only video I could find of it. (Ironically LMG was the community I got the game mode from.)


The name of the map is: rp_cg_metropolis_v4x

GangWarsRP much?

Pretty much, just a different theme I guess.

The video doesn’t explain the gamemode at all. It is just a fly through of some map.

You’re a cancer. Not everything with similar traits such as organisations, ‘Gang’ type of theme, or some kind of leveling mod is a GangWarsRP copy. You think GangWarsRP was an original concept? lolno. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying GangWars is not good, I’m only saying GangWars was NOT the first group to do that kind of thing, nor will the be the last. It’s so ignorant for people like you to seriously say ‘GangWarsRP.much?’. GangWars is a mash up of game/game mode idea’s that have already existed. Please try not to make an ass out of yourself when you have no clue what your talking about.

Thank you, but could you please answer my original question?

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If you would of read my original post you would of noticed this, back on topic though. You are right, but the video does show the player HUD.

I was going to say its more similar to “life of a peasent” from warcraft 3. Similar knocks off came about where a player would own a gang then fight for territories to expand. Come to think of it, through the community it has a similar stigma due to it claiming to be rp but ended up with dm/war type things more often than not.

I remember playing this a while back, it was ran by Communistic Gaming or whatever, the same guys who had a 1942 WWII roleplay server up. The WWII server went down for a while but now it’s back up, not sure if it’s the same guys running it though. As for the gamemode, it wasn’t particularly fun… It was just a DarkRP edit with two gangster factions, Bloods and Crips, and all that would really ever happen was they would shoot at each other, or shoot at any other job-type if they came onto their property. Got boring quickly.