Life of a Noob..

The life of someone who thinks that anyone dressed in black will help them survive.

This happens to me sometimes when i try to start on a new server… nice vid tho


I like the music. It doesn’t fit the game at all and that’s what makes it awesome.

I know that feel.

Fantastic video compliments!! Funny buth real xd

Haha the ‘‘DUN’’ when they broke down the door of the noob hut! XD (happened to me alot…)

Most rust beginners can probably see themselves in the noob in the video lol.

Whats the name of that music playing.

its in the description :).

i had to laugh and watch the complete video (something i dont usually do with the videos posted in this forum)

Good work!

Thank you! Comments like these actualy give me the motivation to make more videos in the future!

funny :smiley: