Life of nakeds

Sometimes when I run around as a naked I get the feeling that I’m wearing Kevlar or something because even when I admit to people that “yeah I got nothin” and keep running they’re all like
“Ohhh shit!!! He’s got a rock!!!”. And they like place down their barricade, take cover and start shooting and I’m just like “is there something I don’t know about here?”

There is no visual indicator of if someone has an m4 on their hotbar, if the server is more then 3 days old there is a high chance that they do. Weapons should require holsters to be used and they should be visible at all times.

True but that’s what makes it so funny I guess

Naked pistol baiting is the most fun to do. Just carry a shitty 9MM or a P250 and like 20 rounds on you with nothing else (including armor), and bait people into thinking your fresh into the server.

Works 8/10 times usually, other 2 times they either start spraying or run away.