Life saver

First attempt at an actual comic. Are they any good? should I continue?

LOL this was the single most funny thing I have read in avail. A well deserved funny.
Nice posing to.

I rated funny because it was funny.

Remind me of Bad Company 2.

ding ding
Someone got it. Yea, that’s where I got the idea.

Awww dude make another :slight_smile:

In the next comic, introduce a variety of different characters in coloured uniforms.


Right, I need some Ideas if I’m going to continue. I’ve just spent the last 5 hours thinking and posing but in out of ideas here. any thoughts?

The character is running from an attacking chopper but his medic friend saves him by using the defibs against the heli any good?

is it not good?

Lets do BattleField 2, now!

I am always getting pissed by the fact these engineers keep fucking running away from vehicles, and they never fix them up with the wrench…They only use it for the class’s guns and unlockable weapons.
Hell, they even run away when that tank/jeep/vehicle has the guy you have to protect. Pisses me off.

I liked that one day i picked up absolutely wrong gear and tried to fight with it. I was using this semi-auto beretta like pistol and didn’t kill anyone. I had a medic near me. So i was dieing and getting healed over and over again. I don’t know how much exp farmed my medic, but i didn’t get anything except fun, because i didn’t kill anyone :smiley:

Great comic, defo reminds me of battlefield hah.