Life Support 2 and Resource Distribution 2 (SVN) screwed

OK, I cleaned out my GMod onstallation and reinstalled the addons I like the most (this because LS2 and RD2 wouldn’t work). I downloaded the SVN versions (using autoupdator at, I also downloaded the “Spacebuild AIO” at I have all the latest files, but it still won’t work. I load up SpaceBuild2 on gm_spacebuild and everything works, except the fucking LS2 and RD2. Everything I can spawn from LS is “Gravity Plating” and I can’t spawn anything with RD…

I have no idea on how to fix this, at all. So, if you wanna help, please do! I really liked playing Spacebuild, then it got all fucked up…

i have a similar issue i have got the new ls2 and al that stuff but i can’t get the heat transmitters or atmosphere control

they won’t appear

Well, that happened to me when I was still able to play Spacebuild, make sure you’re playing with the SpaceBuild gamemode on. That’s all I can think of…

I had a similar problem. But when i deleted the LS extended folder from the addons. PING it all worked lovely

Did you notice the new “Life Support” Tab at the top? Only gravity plating is still in the tools menu :slight_smile:

my life support dosernt work at all, just gives a heap of lua errors

Oh, I just noticed you said the auto-updater. It’s broke, points to the OLD RD2 and LS2 SVN.

Go to their respective threads and use TortoiseSVN to get the NEW SVN’s.

I can’t find it anywhere

plus i need the svn addres for life support please

Look in the LS2 Topic.

Don’t forget RD2 SVN!

My problem is that i dont get the life support tab nor can i download RD2 because everytime i try to do it with SVN it says that it cant connect to, and it says it has “actively refused it”. I believe this means is purposely denying me access. Please help.

I cant find it at all. I really need it too.

As far as I know those old SVN’s are no longer up because SB3 is being made. If you look on they put the final versions of the spacebuild 2 stuff on there.

The SVNs for LS2, SB2, and RD2 ARE still up. They’re at the bottom of my post here:
However, after downloading it and exporting it, you need to Extract a zip file for Life support 2.

ye bro i got that to i look in the file entites all that crap heat things there but it just wont work ive been searchin everyone for help (if u figure it our before me please tell me man)

You’re probably playing in Sandbox. Make sure you’re using the Spacebuild gamemode.

so even though SB3 is going, they’re still working on LS2\RD2 (and just not SB2)???