Life Support 2 error

OK, before I say anything, I really don’t know where else to put this post, AND don’t tell me to use Life Support 3, I already have it, but prefer Life Support 2.

Now, on to the problem…
I have having a singleplayer problem: Whenever I try to use a LS2 storage device, when I look at it, where it should say the resources and stuff, it simply says “-None-”. I have LS2, RD2, LS2 Ext., LS2 Adv. Generators, Gas Systems, LS2 LifeCube, Resource Transit System, Naquada reactor (I have stargate), and oilmod.

On top of that, sometimes I’ll get a console error with somthing about RD_GetAmount or something to that effect. Could someone please tell me what to do to fix this?

I’m not sure LS2 works anymore. I too prefer LS2, but when I tried it, it appears to be incompatible with the most recent update of GMod. Exact same errors you got as well.

LS3 is out now… That works

Get a different version of RD2.

I used the SVN version of SB2 and nothing.

Will LS3 work with SB2?

No…and sadly the mining add-on thingy won’t work with SB3 and such as well =(