Life Support 2 models

I have this problem: When i spawn a Heavy Water Generator, instead of the prop, a big ERROR appears. Now please, if you could somehow, upload some models for me (please). I so wanna blow up the Fusion Reactor :smiley:

They use hl2, CSS and Ep2 models. Uploading them would be iligal. You have to buy the game/s.

  1. Select the genorator, open console and put energysystems_model model path
  2. Go into lua files and manualy edit the models.

Pretty sure all LS2 entities use HL2 models (none use CSS or HL2 Ep2). And HL2 is in Gmod automatically even if you don’t have the game.
But LS3 on the other hand, they use custom models.

supervoltage, make sure you have downloaded all the necessary addons from snakesvx’s site using SVN. SVN tutorial:

If i type in Energysystems_model (model path here), will it change the models for ALL generators? Or only for the one i chosen?

Edit: Ooh, didn’t see the “Select the genorator” sentence :smiley: