Life Support 2 problem on Spacebuild maps

I’ve got a problem and I am pretty sure that this is to do with Life Support. I have Life Support 2, Resource Distribution 2, Spacebuild 2 and other Life Support things.

What happens is this:

I’m on Spacewar V2, using Spacebuild 2 Gamemode with all the Life Support things installed. When I go underwater I see the usual Air, Coolant and Energy percentages at the bottom of my screen which tells me that Life Support is working untill I get out into space and the percentages don’t appear. As if i haven’t left the planet. I think this may be an error with Life Support

Maybe get the SVN version of Life Support? I don’t know just brainstorming…

Perhaps the creator of the map forgot to remove gravity from space… Try a different spacebuild map, like sb_gooniverse and see if it works.

It happens with every spacemap… I have got Life support 2 and Space build and RD2 from SVN…

It is like… The life support only kills me underwater but not out in space or on other planets…

Maybe it is a thing like Admins can no clip without dieing? But that is not fun…

Are you sure your in Space Build Game mode?

Are you sure that your far enough away from the planet to get into “space”?

Are you sure that your working without “no_damage” being checked?

As above, it does seem that you are not actually in the gamemode, did you perhaps install the gamemode into addons instead of into gamemodes?

I have Spacebuild 2 downloaded from SVN sitting in my gamemodes folder. The game was on Spacebuild gamemode. And the no damage was unchecked… But that shouldn’t change why the hud thing did not show up. And i am very far from the planet…

I am experiencing the same problem, same symptoms. I’ve tried it in gooniverse and several others to no avail.

I also have this problem(untill my graphics card overloads and my computer crashes) and if someone could enlighten us to what is causing this it would be great.

you need to choose the spacebuild game mode in the options tab when you’re selecting the map

I have this problem also.

Spacebuild 2 selected.
Can spawn all RD2 and LS2 stuff without problem.
HUD shows up under water.
Dissapears in space.

Happens on all of the SB maps I have.

EDIT : Oh, and 1235849-whatever, that advice is about as helpful as telling us to make sure our monitors are turned on, or its plugged in at the wall.

What, you plug the monitors at the walls!? WHAT THE FUCK?

Anyway, I don’t have any problems with gm_new_worlds. You sure the spacebuild is in the gamemodes properly?

Hello guys, im running space build 3 on my gmod server and well i have life support 3 installed and Rd3, the gravity in space is fine but it wont harm you you don’t die no HUD appears only when i am under water and none of the other planets kill you or give you damage its the same as earth. Please help me i will be forever indebted to you fine people the ip to my server is please join it and tell me if anythings wrong im looking to make it the best build server and tips and links to stuff you guys can give would be greatly appreciated.

Firest, make sure you also have the Custom Addon Framework. All of SB3 needs that.
To the OP, try deleting the folders and re-downloading them. If it doesn’t work, report here.

I seem to figure out whats the Problem. Ive chose “Spacebuild 2” gamemode in the start singleplayer menu, but when ive started the game, I typed sv_gamemode in console and it said “sandbox”!!!
typing “sv_gamemode Spacebuild 2” didnt help.
How do i REALLY change the gamemode? XD

LOL. ive downloaded version 3. everything works IF you have Custom Addon Framework! Search for everything :smiley:

if you have lifesupport 2 you need spacebuild 2 if you have life support 3 you need spacebuild 3

i had this problem, the gamemod is a con, its a sandbox renamed

download the addon version, i will post the url later