Life Support 2 Problem

I recently got Life Support 2, Spacebuild 2 and all of the required addons. When I go to spawn a few of the generators, and other resources it spawns a nice error sign and doesn’t function. The console output is:
resID= 2 name= water printname= Water: 0
resID= 3 name= steam printname= Steam: 0
resID= 4 name= air printname= Air: 0
resID= 5 name= heavy water printname= Heavy water: 0

EDIT: The generators are:
Heavy Water Electrolyzer
Water Heater
Water Air Extractor

That’s why there’s a version 3.

Version 3 spams errors about solar panels, saying that the Lua script produced a table when a vector was expected…

Those 3 genorators arnt really nessesery.

It works for me.

Okay then… What’s the LS3 SVN?


Okay so… LS3 is now working, but those models still aren’t there…