Life Support 2 - Where can I find it?


I’m new, been trying to sort out LS2 but there doesn’t appear to be any downloads available. Managed to get a copy from a friend but I haven’t got any “air hydroponics” or “heat exchangers” for some reason. Anyone able to help me with this? I have been searching for answers but haven’t found any yet.

Air Hydroponics and Heat Exchanges, etc. only work if you are also running SpaceBuild 2.

Yeah sorry, maybe should’ve mentioned. I’m using SB2.

Here you go:

And use this if you don’t know what to do with those links:

Uh yeah, those are links to SB3 and LS3… I’m looking for SB2 (realised I apparently don’t have SB2) and LS2… the svn links for SB2 and LS2 don’t work, does anyone know of any others?

the SB2 stuff on is fairly up to date (just download one of the patches people posted, and merge it with one of the other copies of the gamemode).

I think the SVN for SB2 got taken down, so the .org is your best bet (unless someone posts their own SVN of it…)

There isn’t an SB2 download on the .org, only the extra stuff.

name = “SpaceBuild 2 All-in-One”
svnurl = “
internalfolder = “…/”
type = svn

Found what I was looking for… eventually.

does that have the issue where you spawn without weapons?

Cause if they fixed that, I might as well use that link from now on (in case I need to reinstall GMod, I’d rather not have to back up all my stuff first)

I don’t think it does, haven’t tested it in multiplayer though.