Life Support 3 Addons and Stargate

I know Life Support 3 adds, well, life support features to gmod, but what do the various other add-ons do, like Life Support Mining, ls gas, ls entities, so on and so forth. I’ve found threads for the base life support but nothing for the others. Also, the Stargate mod doesn’t seem to completely work for me. It does not interface with life support and all of the entities such as the stargate, show up as errors. I’ve made sure that I installed it properly but it still doesn’t work. Does anybody know why?

stargate addon is four folders [if you do a normal download, you un-compress the stuff, open the first Stargate folder, and then you should see the four folders (stargate_resources and stargate being 2 of them)], and you have to install each like a normal addon.

As for LS3 not linking with stuff from the Stargate pack, if you look through the last couple pages of the Stargate thread, you should be able to find the fix someone posted [you just have to edit one line of code in the Stargate stuff (and the post says which)].

Also with the Stargates, make sure you get the complete download, not just the lua (or just the models). You need the complete if you it to work

In my SVN tutorial I have written a secondary post telling you how to install Stargate correctly.
SVN Tutorial:
Direct link to secondary post:

I looked back about a dozen pages, none of them contain the material. And the guys refuse to say something twice. And “LS3 fix” is too short to search for.

FOUND IT! it says which line to edit in which file, and what to replace the stuff with!

Wow, thanks guys I figured out the problem. The SVN link I was using was from gmod wiki and it ONLY downloaded the addons folder not everything else. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think that was the problem. Furthermore, so if there any guide to Life Supports extra addons? I mean what exactly do they do?

you saved my day