Life support 3, can someone help me outfit a large ship with a system?

Hey, I’ve been on my friends dedi server with him for a while with spacebuild 3 and all of its extras like life support and stuff… everything works fine however does anyone know a fast efficient way to toss a smallbridge fusion reactor in a ship and a climate regulator (so you don’t suffocate in space) and rig them up with resources so they last for a while… I am having problems making sufficient resources mainly with heavy water, the amount of generators needed to make a quick heavy water flow makes his server eventually just crash… any advice or addons for life support would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:


Oh and dont bother with LS3 because RD3 and the last update don’t work…

they work fine for me, i have made a full system for almost every resource its just too complex and slow for a ship

I’ll be happy to help you. Just get a server up and give me the IP address (Oh and add me to friends)

Yeah, typically the big reactors suck up more energy than they’re worth. As far as climate goes, scouting out a planet with a probe and figuring out what you need to survive there can go a long way to saving you the trouble, because mostly all you’ll need is oxygen, nitrogen, and energy, and placing a few oxygen and coolant regulators around the ship is a lot more efficient than feeding a climate regulator.

or you could set up a recharge station for ships, hell you can even make a ship to drop off recharge stations on each planet, even terraform the planets, put civilizations on them (but who the hell would do that) and when everybody’s nice and comfy, destroy the terraformer and all the supplies (or just nuke em)

there are alot of tuts out there pls use google

lets nuke google then… wait… no lets nuke yahoo instead

i already googled it, got no help :(, thanks for the suggestions im going to give it another go

This video is from xmorcamx:

PS: I Learned how to survive in space from this guy and guess what I used to find his video! Google!!!

hell no
a climate reg only uses alot of energy in the first minite, but after that min, it starts to use less and less energy until very little is needed so just oxygen is no good as you also need energy and corbon dioxide to change leves on cold and hot planets

and therefore, its best for a more permanent resident however it is a pain in the ass on a space station cause if you put it on the outside (as I have seen many do) you end up with assholes turning them off for shits and giggles and then even if the crew turns it back on, they’ll still run out of oxygen before its at 100% (its why I’ve been banned from a few spacebuild servers

you should be ashamed of yourself. people that actually play sb properly would not do this but if its just a small ship, then little oxygen things and heat things would be significant

why should I be ashamed of myself? I do play it properly. I’m a space jackass. sortof like a space pirate where I go and get everyone on a ship killed then take it over but most of the time I don’t do the take it over part unless its a real nice big ship

Ok so I have figured it out (thank you very much for the video explosive cheese!) And my next question is about welding and stuff, is there a tool or way to make your ship not sag like a sad banana in a heat wave when you take it off the ground? I have tried turning the weight down on all the parts but it still flops around a bit and generally causes problems, is there a good welding tool etc out there that is recommended?

one thing i must say, don’t make it lighter, the heavier it is, the more stable it would be
make every part like 500 - 1000 GMU and have stronger hoverballs

Also don’t put climate regulators on the outside

I can’t dignify that with a response

too late, you already did