Life Support 3 custom addon help

I’m trying to make a couple of new entities for my self because I think the things I’m adding are cool, but anyway.
I took the SB3 Warp Drive code and make it so it consumes a custom resource, problem is it wont link to a node, what would the line of code be if I wanted it to make it link to a node? And any more general ls3 lua functions would be great.

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Adding a resource or registering it as a generator should be fine.

so RD.AddResource(your_ent, “some_resource”, some_max_amount) or RD.RegisterNonStorageDevice(your_ent).

If you are using the base_rd3_entity you are also able to do self:AddResource(“your_Resource”, some_value) or self:RegisterNonStorageDevice()

Thanks, do you know any other command lua functions?