Life Support 3 heat exchanger problem

I’m trying to setup life support on this starship I’m making but the heat exchangers won’t work. I tried small and large. Whenever I try to use it it just says “stool is not active”. I have LS3 custom framework, LS3 entities, GS2, LS3R3, LS3 spacebuild model pack, Petrol system, Spacebuild enhancement project, LS3 core, RTs, and Gcombat 8. Everything except Gcombat 8 has been downloaded using svn and updated. I also have the gamemode SB3. I tried making this ship in sandbox mode, is that why its not working? What am I missing or doing wrong??

Try posting over in the Lua section it could be Lua related. That’s all I can say I’m afraid.

The SB3 folder is, in fact, an addon, though there is an additional SB3 gamemode that does nothing but check for the requisite addons. Try moving the SB3 folder, if it contains an info.txt, to the addon folder.

Wouldn’t the info.txt have to correspond an addon, gamemode and addon info.txts are different are they not?

Yes, precisely. A common point of confusion is how SB3 is actually an addon, not a gamemode like its predecessor, though there is a separate SB3 gamemode that is not required and only spams the chat box if you don’t have everything you need installed.

If the SB3 folder contains an info.txt, it is an addon and should be placed inside the corresponding folder. If it does not, you need to put it in gamemodes and download the part SB3 that actually does something.

So I assume this thread must be solved really, rated you informative!

But what about the stool problem? And there is also a maps folder with all the spacebuild maps,do I take it out and put it in the maps folder in the gmod directory?

No, like the other guy said, doing it the addon way should make it work.

It works!!!

You know, if you’re having a stool problem, you should really take some laxatives or something