Life Support 3 help: Air/Heat Exchangers useless on hot planets?

I hope someone can help. I finally found the non-dummy version of SpaceBuild 3 today. Been rewiring all of my ships/shuttles/rovers with the new LS models.

I’m currently on sb_gooniverse, and in one of my shuttles to test it out. I get to the very hot planet, and die within five seconds.
I try connecting the Resource Node to the chair, and sat down in it. Still dying.
And if that’s not bad enough, the Resource Node and Atmospheric Probe I got keep going BOOM on me.

Any idea why? Or is it the excuse of “SpaceBuild 3 is still in Beta”?
I don’t want to be forced to equip everything, nomatter how small it is that goes into space, with a ‘cheat code’ (aka a Climate Regulator). Air/Heat Exchangers are supposed to be doing their fucking jobs!

Also, the Atmospheric Probe when on a planet that has gravity (aka Earth) claims there’s no gravity.

Isn’t gooviverse a sb2 map?

I’ll try to check it out tomorow after my exam to see if I can find what’s causing the issue. You are using the latest svn right?

Yes, I’m using the latest svn. Directly from

It is, but I don’t think it matters. This also happens on any sb3 map. Including the alpha/beta maps that I got when I installed sb3.