Life Support 3 Maps

Does anyone know any good Life Support 3 maps? The ones I have now let me breathe in space.

sb_forlorn_sb3_ls3 is a good one. Also sb_gooniverse. Twin suns is also good. sb_new_worlds_2 is good.

Have the last 3, and they don’t register except water… blah…


Can you point me to sb_forlorn_sb3_ls3

I was off a little and the end it was r2l not ls3 lol but here is the link

Still lets me breathe in space… any ideas of whats wrong?

Do you have the Life support stuff (LS3, LS3E, RD3, CAF, CDS3) and also SB3 as your gamemode.
you can get these from or with tortiosesvn.

don’t have CDS3, getting now


oops… just had the SB3 dummy gamemode, solved it! thanks


also… do you know the CDS3 SVN? or CDS anything?

here is a site full of the spacebuild stuff
they don’t want people telling people the urls lol.

I just found out they took it off.

CDS doesn’t work. Use gcombat.

Lol I didn’t know it didn’t work maybe i should take it out of my addons I am having all sorts of issues because of it.