life support 3 stuff wont stay on

help my machines in LS3 doesnt stay on well atleast stuff like air compressers and water pumps and stuff
when i go over to turn them on after linking them its on for a second then turns off, i dont know what to do please help

They don’t have enough energy. Link a wind turbine to a node, and the compressor to the node. Use the biggest turbine possible. Varied environments mean that certain resource extractors behave differently. You get more energy using solar panels on a sunny planet than on a cloudly, or cold planet.

You need to make a battery then link it to a Node, then make something like a couple solar panels or a Hydro Generator (I think It’s called) but it needs to be in the water, or just make a Wind Generator (Recommended) and link it up to the node and you’re good to go!

Oops forgot that, yeah if you don’t have a big battery connected and something is demanding a lot of power it’ll also cause that to happen.

no still doesnt work i got 3 wind mills, 2 huge batteries, a node, 4 air tanks and a large oxygen compresser and the still the same story
i have already tried redownloading and still…

I have 14 giant batteries and 7 large caches and i have 2 large solar planels and 3 large windmills, I have a total of over 52 million units of energy and stoarge for water and air, yet the things WONT stay on…
I really want this to work
It worked before but it stopped woring

Edit: I also added a hydro gen. and it still wont work. I have it all connected to a node, Only energy is being produced.

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You don’t need 14 batteries? Just a Large Battery unit and a resource cache should be fine. Add in like 12 solar panels on a nice sunny area, and windmills if thats your fancy, and you should be fine. Make sure everything is linked to where it needs to go.

Battery>Air Compressor>Resource Cache