Life Support completely broken after loading a saved game

This may be true with other thing but so far the only thing I have tested it Life Support. After Loading a saved game all Life Support objects are completely broken, even if I have only Life Support objects on the map. If I look at an object they little pop up with the information does not show up and everything is broken and cannot be turned on. This happens even when Spacebuild, LS, CAF, and RD are the only addons installed and these are all the latest versions via SVN. Any help would be greatly appreciated as without the ability to save Life Support contraptions Gmod is almost completely useless to me.

Bump, Have had this problem for a very long time now and it caused me to stop playing gmod for a very long time but I would like to get back into it.

Adv duplicator + weld

I know but that doesnt work very well if you have an entire map full of distant objects. I would love for saves to just work normally.

Use noclip.

I guess I could just go around advanced duping everything but it would just be way easier for saves to just work correctly. Does anyone know of a way to solve this problem?

The problem cannot be solved.
No one has made a fix, and nobody’s going to make a fix.

expanded your post so no one goes “Well why NOOTTTTT??!?!?!?!?!!!”