Life Support Model packs


As most of you will know by now.
Life Support 3 uses Custom Models and has a way to allow more models to be added without needing to modify the default stool every time.

Because of this I would like to ask everyone who is willing to make some model packs (of what they think LS needs). This could be something from Junk Yard Models to Alien High Tech models.

1 pack (or more if there is no complete pack available) will be chosen as the default pack for Life Support and be included when it’s released. The others will be made into seperate Addons allowing the users who want to download and use it with the default pack.


List of Models (17-04-2009)
[li]Life Support:
[li]Large/Medium/Small Resource cache
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small Coolant tanks
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small Air Tanks
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small Nitrogen Tanks
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small Hydrogen Tanks
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small CO2 Tanks
[/li] [li]Large/Medium/Small energy cells
[/li] [li]
[/li] [li]Coolant generator aka water pump
[/li] [li]Nitrogen Liquifier
[/li] [li]Air generator (for each type of gas: different skins?)
[/li] [li]Solar Cell
[/li] [li]Wind Energy Generator
[/li] [li]Fusion Reactor
[/li] [li]
[/li] [li]Air Exchanger
[/li] [li]Heat Exchanger
[/li] [li]Climate Regulator
[/li] [li]Terraformer
[/li] [li]
[/li] [li]CO2 recycling Device(looks more lika a small generator with a fan and a filter of some sort in it, you should find some reference for it on google)
[/li] [li]One or more Plants
[/li] [li]One or more Trees
[/li] [li][Optional] Some screens (tv, pc, …) I can use
[/li] [li][Optional] Some light (lamp) models

I’m new to the forums, and I have been making 3d models for over a year now (I use maya 2009). I would Like to make a model pack, once I’m done with it do I need to send it to you?