Life Support not working

My Life support doesn’t work. It works when I try to go underwater, but when I leave a planet, it doesn’t give the Energy: Water: box.
I have: CAF, LS3, LSE, RD3, SBEP (changelog beneath), SMPMA, Wire.

0.1: intial Alpha tube
0.3: Materials Added
0.4: Physics collistion added
0.5-0.6: models added
0.7: Fixed T junction Collistion
0.7.5: Fixed T junction properly
0.8: Added new Pipe Alpha Model B
0.9: added new pipe Alpha model C
0.9.5: Updated spawnlist, Fixed pipe C size
1.0: Added double size tubes (bugged?)
1.1: added chair, and removed bugged doubesize models
1.2: Added Pipe D
1.3: Pipe DB added, removed doublesize from menu

0.1b: added new tube and end
0.2b: added second new tube and end
0.3b: Started using SVN
0.4b: Added Chairs
0.5b-0.8b: added and refined vehicles
0.9B: Added Standard and Square tubes
1.0b: Added spawn icons
1.1b: added Mill Cock
1.2B: Bugfix
1.3B: More Models
1.4b: Added Snakes LUA
1.5B: added lots and lots of models
1.6: Finshed upgrade to SVN, Changelog Ends, see SVN log

Could someone please help so that I can also play SB offline?

Are they all SVN versions? Also, what map are you playing on?

Yep, The map is Forlorn_SB3_LS3