Life support problem

Hello, I cant make my life support work OK.

Happens that i put a solar panel and a energy storage (for example) i link them togheter and i dont get energy!

Im getting exactly the same error after getting the addon, if anyone can help or offer suggestions on how to fix it that would be good :slight_smile:

Edit: It also constantly reads out lua errors with any any of the generators

yes the non PHX solar panels only work when I stand on them :confused:

try moving them around until they turn on. if its SB3, they have to be pointed a certain way when on a planet and in space it doesn’t matter.


as for these lua errors, i would recommend reading up on it and seeing if anything is getting in the way of the addons.

OK i will try what you said and will post results

Nope. Nothing. I got the newest LS and it works! BUT i still have a problem.When i put an air compresor and put it on a network (with a solar panel,oxygen tank and energy storage) I turn it ON and it automaticaly turns OFF!! help!

if you are using SB3, LS3, and RD3, you need a Resource Node to connect everything.

If you’re using SB2, LS2, and RD2, try using more solar panels. You might not be giving the Compressor enough energy.

Or try using Fusion Reactors for power (have about 2 coolant compressors for every Fusion Reactor, or else the Fusion Reactor will overheat, and explode. in a very big, fiery radiation making explosion…)

No. Didnt work. Anything please…?

BUMP. Nothing works. BTW The LS3 I got it from the SVN links

Bahh… That has never worked because it can not, (And I mean can not) use the map’s environment system, meaning the LUA has always been broken, better to use Fusion generators and Water pumps with batterys on the standby.

Make sure that everything you have is put in the addons folder (Spacebuild, Life Support, Resource, ect…). Go into the game, and click on the CAF tab and put down a solar panel. Rotate it until it reads on (solar pannels suck now for some reason), and freeze it there. Put down and air compressor, an air tank, and a battery. Not put down a large resource node. Link the compressor, solar pannel, air tank, and battery to the node. The node should read that you have started collecting energy. Wait until the energy has gotten up to about 50, then turn on your air compressor. Watch the energy level. If it drops to zero, then you need more solar pannels, or better yet, a windmill. Hope this helps, but if it doesn’t, head on over the SnakeSVx’s Place Forum:

That link takes you right to all of their addon forum. I can’t post links to their download site, as I think that is against their rules.

Happens CAF solar panels WORK. The thing that Does not work (Of LS3) Is The oxigen conpresor.
I turn it ON and it automatically turns off. Yes i tried wiring it to a numpad input even to a adv.pod controller