life support

i cant find a SINGLE download for life support. call me a noob, idc, just can someone help me out? i have NO IDEA where to find it? its like its a myth!! can someone help me out? id love gas systems and gcombat as well. i have no idea where they are though.

They have SVNs, do some googling.

ive done nothing but google!!! please just help me out someone i cant FIND an svn ANYWHERE!!! is it really some sort of big secret???

Here’s a guide from the oficial Life Suport 3 website…
or if you’re really noob, use the guide bellow:
Next time google it, i found this link trought google…

i couldve sworn i said i have googled. and done nothing but. idk how you really found this, but thank you.

I simply googled “Life Suport” and the links came up O.o
But that’s okay, glad i helped you :slight_smile: