Life with Lamarr

I’d like to share today’s LWL with the forum, if I may. - we’re up to 105 episodes now!

oh my god hahahaha

lol, awesome!

My school just taught us about STDs today.

That was a cool piece of louse, bro.

Art included.

Great comic!

Lol nice.

Very informative and useful comic.
Have a funny :v:

Bump? No, just not starting a new thread for the same comic! :wink:

Anyway, we have something really special for you today… a sweet, sweet magazine full of lovely lady Vortigaunts. You know you want it.

(Written in Flash - takes about 20 secs or so to load depending, so be prepared for that) :wink:

Hahahahaha! Funny as like always.

That was funny. Although I thought you would have gone for crabs due to the title

That was great. :v:

Hahaha that’s awesome.

I think this is my new favorite comic. After reading this I went back and read the first 60, I’m afraid I’m going to get up to date tonight and have to wait for new ones like all the other comics I read.