LifePunch Lr songs Jailbreak

Lrsong 2 Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know
Lrsong 3 Internet Party - Internet Friends
Lrsong 4 Skrillex - Bangarang
Lrcountdown -unknown

Hey im looking through the lr songs in the garrysmod folder but I have no clue what the lr countdown is I’ve asked many people on the server but they have no clue and im interested in this song can someone give title please. If the song was made by LifePunch then they should extend it and make a full song if it wasn’t made by lifepunch can someone list the name of the song please that would be helpful.

Kind Regards

I feel like this would be more relevant if it were in the LifePunch forums.

this is probably a better place to ask

I might know, what are the lyrics?

If you can’t find it, Shazam it!

They most likely stream, not download. Either way just shazam it and google them.

You got me curious, lrcountdown is called Must Be the Feeling by Nero (Delta Heavy Remix)

go to your downloads/ folder in garrysmod/

sounds are stored there


I understand this looks like a stupid difference to point out, but they’re two different directories that exist by default. Workshop addons downloaded from servers go in to downloads/, while single content files go in download/.

Hey, I’m the owner of LP.

I checked and YourStalker is right, the song is Must Be The Feeling by Nero ( the part we use starts at around 1:15 on )

For the record, in the future, you may want to ask LifePunch related questions on the LifePunch forums at - LifePunch and FacePunch aren’t the same thing even though they sound similar. FacePunch is Garry’s official forums for Garry’s Mod. LifePunch is the official forums for our jailbreak/deathrun/cinema/gungame/(soon)bhop servers on Garry’s Mod.

Anyways, enjoy.