Simply enough, a really fun custom DeathRun server. DeathRun is a gamemode where a group of runners have to navigate through traps triggered by the Grim Reaper. If you make it to the end, you’re rewarded and get to kill the Grim Reaper.

Our server’s using a custom, unique DeathRun gamemode with all the fancy frizzle you can ask for. Hats, trails, models, or you can just turn those off if you want everyone to look the same to you.

Hop on and have some fun with us.

Or copy paste this in your browser to connect automatically: steam://connect/

Seems decent, at least you’ve added a video to show exactly what about your server makes it different, i’ll take a look later and post what i think

Sorry, the OP IS a little lazy, I’ve just been so tightened up with time that I couldn’t actually write something up. I’ll quality it up in a bit.

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But I assure you the server is fun as hell. :wink: Gets a bit quiet sometimes because we’re brand new, but that won’t last very long. Just hop on and invite your friends. :3

Your Forum look very good , almost like Facepunch and the name almost same Lifepunch !! hmm ?

It’s a branched out forum by the guys who miss the custom forums.

Aha Very nice . And the server from video it look nice , but no player on :frowning: