Server is periodically up for playtesting at

You are no one of importance. You’re not even sure whether you’re human or not. You look human, you feel pain like one but you don’t quite behave like one. You can take an abnormal amount of bagin’ up before you fall. And that’s exactly why they want you here. You’re a lab rat. An experiment. Your every movement is being watched, every breath you take is analyzed and you know they’ll probably get rid of you when you become obsolete. The soil under your feet and the air you breathe strikes you distrust. You feel your senses being fooled but all of that is too much to think about at the moment. All you know is you have a gun and those subjects on the other side have one too. If you don’t shoot them, they’ll shoot you. TeamDeathmach is my very first gamemode. Hell, it’s my very first attempt at LUA altogether. I decided to try programming three or four days ago and in the matter of a few hours I had a pretty functional and surprisingly fun gamemode up, so I’ve decided to develop it further and see where it leads. A friend of mine offered to become my mapper, so I have a custom map to use. (It’s constantly being bettered)

:siren: Please keep in mind that in all screenshots, everything VISUAL is temporary and placeholders. The hud, the menus, etc. :siren:

The HUD in the screenshots is temporary. Players start in a small, empty room with 4 evacuation tubes that ejects them into the simulation. This is an alpha map and is still being worked on.

I’ve made a few lines professionally read and manipulated to make them fit the “testing environment” feel of the game. Here are two of them. (There’s much more ;))

Killing an enemy gives you credits. Dying makes you lose some. The winning team at the end of each round is awarded a certain sum of credits. Perhaps objective-based rounds to come in the future? Credits can be used to purchase stuff from the VIRTUaL ENHaNCEMENTS STORE

The server will not let you join a team that has too many players on it and will balance teams automatically when someone dies, if they’re unbalanced.
Along with the voice overs, the custom map, etc… the player will feel immersed in the theme of the gamemode through sometimes comical, often creepy and weird messages and mood settings.
8th March 2011
- MisterTickles starts learning LUA
- Two teams
- Menu to pick a team
- Pistol and crowbar when you pick a team
- GMod automatically accounts score/kills/deaths
- Your model is colored depending on your team
- Basic team balance: Doesn’t let you pick a team if it has more players than the other
- Checks on player death.
- Killing an enemy grants you 10 bullets

9th March 2011
- Complex team balance system implemented: you can’t join a team that’s low on players and upon death, the code checks if one of the team is low on players, it’ll move you there.
- Different spawn points for different teams
- Complex points system: you get points for killing, you lose 'em for dying. They save even if you log out based on STEAM ID.
- Shop where you can buy weapons and ammo with points.
- Basic HUD that displays your team, your points, and general instructions
- Networking between server/client added
- Gave Spycrabz the go-ahead to start making the very first official TDM map
- Lots of models, randomly picked

10th March 2011
- Stamina running system! You can run for a while, but you get tired. Then it takes you a while to regen your stamina.
- Began displaying textures on the VGUI and beautifying the general interface
- Officially moved the gamemode folder to “projects” on my computer rather than some bastard subdirectory I hardly ever go to. :wink:
- Fixed a bug that would kill the hook that analyzed players’ death
- Made players no-collide with each other
- Fixed a bug that stopped players from harming themselves with explosive weapons
- You no longer get pistol ammo upon killing someone, however you start with much more.
- Players start with armor to increase surviviability
- Player gains armor when he kills someone, to help with surviviability
- Fixed insta death on fall damage
- Added fastdl to the server
- Fixed a team balance bug where you could be balanced to your own team if you just died and the team had too little players
- Added a complex health regeneration system.
- Arranged points displaying position
- Now displays stamina
- Began basics for a complex round system. Teams now get 1 score per kill which are saved server-side and after reaching a certain amount of kills (right now set at 100) the team wins and the scores reset.
- Adjusted round system to perfectly display and reset scores when necessary.
- Scores are displayed at the top
- Renamed points to credits so the players don’t confuse them with score
- Made armor reach a maximum of 50 instead of 100.
- Made health regen slower and you need to not get attacked for longer before it kicks in.
- Now using the new map’s ALPHA version by SpyCrabz <3

11th March 2011
- Added buying armor to the menu.
- Began production of sound effects in accordance with the new theme set for the gamemode.
- BROKEN Conceived a system that detects when someone’s being hurt, and allows scaling the damage depending on what weapon it is.
- BROKEN Used said system to nerf magnum, buff shotgun and adjusted their prices accordingly.
- Added a death notice to the top-right corner of the screen
- Alpha version of the map now adjusted to match the new settings of the gamemode (test lab rats etc)
- Began adding composing and implementing voice overs.

If you find interest in my project and would like to land a hand, that’d be great. I could use a few skilled persons to help me finish the gamemode faster. This must be VOLUNTARY work. I highly doubt the server will get enough donations for me to be able to hire staff for money.

  • Will need to design prototypes and eventually a final version for the HUD that displays health, armor, ammo, stamina, credits, score, etc.
    - Will need to design icons for the shop menu.
    - More than probably other stuff eventually too!

  • Will need to record certain lines and add effects to them to fit the setting of the gamemode. (Somewhat robotized. À la GLADoS)

  • I started learning and coding not even half a week ago. I could use some help sometimes when there’s stuff I can’t figure out. You’d mostly serve as a helper when needed. You wouldn’t have access to the gamemode code as no one should except me.

  • Will need to be willing to join the server very regularly to help me test some features when needed.

In brief, I started learning a few days ago but if you can see that I’m serious and the high expectations I have of an otherwise simple Team Deathmatch idea (with a great twist), then I’d be very thankful of having you help me out with making this as complete of a gamemode as possible! Thanks guy!

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Also just hearing suggestions and general criticism is very welcome.

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Updated the menu today to use icons instead of just boring text. C:

Looks good for a first attempt

Please don’t go on coding things believing this, Garry’s Mod already has far too many private gamemodes

Server is periodically up for playtesting at

It says push e to buy weapons? Does this mean when we push a button or open a door a menu pops up?

Take a look here my good man,


There is no doors or buttons.

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Actually it makes more sense to make it F1 and F3 I guess! Thanks :love:

Map looks pretty bad man, in general: blocky, mis-aligned textures, textures that don’t make sense, sharp displacements, odd architectural dimensions, lack of detail and poor lighting.

I swear to god it’s in alpha. :v: I assume the mapper will fix all that eventually.

For those wondering; I’m probably never going to end up releasing this gamemode after all. :v:

It’s my first one and it’s pretty flawed both code-wise aaaaaaaaand gameplay wise (it gets boring fast).

So I’ll be letting it be for now and I’ve already moved onto something more impressive. :3:

I’m learning ridiculously fast. :buddy:

heh, is this what you needed the css ammo thing for?

Eh disregard my last post. I decided to go ahead and try to finish this.

Desperately needing a graphic designer atm. Would make my life so much easier.

I replaced all weapons by custom weapons today aaaaaaand balanced the credits system more. I guess I picked up interest again.

Would have been nice to see this complete.

So much double posting…

Server is down, wanted to try it…

I’m pretty sure this concept is what turned into Lifepunch’s Jailbreak servers.

Oh, didn’t notice the date