LifePunch's DeathRun & JailBreak gamemodes rehaul & presenting GunGame.

Hey, before you read on, please know that we’ve worked on this for months now and there is no way at all we can showcase everything. I always forget about neat little features and bits of things you can do until I need to do them, so the best way to know more about the gamemodes is to come give them a try. You may have heard or played on LifePunch’s servers in the past 10 months that we’ve been online. Maybe you’ve played DeathRun, Jailbreak, or maybe you saw the “I’m going to report you to Garry videos”. In any case, for the past weeks, Drew and I have been recoding all of our gamemodes from scratch, entirely rehauling the HUD, the menus, the gameplay, and adding a boatload of new features. We’re also introducing a new gamemode: GunGame. We spent our time doing that simply because we enjoy it and we get excited at the idea that our players are having a total blast on our servers. Hopefully the improvements will have been worth the weight. Those are technically brand new gamemodes, really. Everything looks different, everything looks better and the new features should keep you entertained for a long time.

Basically, while our current gamemodes work great and are fun to play, they don’t look very good and it was time for both a visual and a gameplay upgrade. This is how the menus looked like:

Simple, functional, basic, but pretty ugly DERMA panels.

And so, we’d like to present what our players like to call the “Very Big Update”. For those of you who don’t feel like reading, we made a short trailer that shows some of the most prominent features, but definitely not everything. If you want more details, read on. Otherwise, enjoy this video. If you don’t like the audiotrack, mute it! It suits the fast pace of our gamemodes.

1 round of GunGame (still a WIP)

First, sorry for the black window. Usually the rules would show up there, but Garry hasn’t fixed HTML panels yet. Your currently equipped model shows on the right hand side with a walking animation. If you click decline, you get disconnected. Clicking accept (hopefully after reading the rules :)) brings you right into the game (on DeathRun and GunGame), or onto the team selection for JailBreak.

Top of your screen while playing on DeathRun. At the very top left, you can see your LP$ (in-game currency), your health, your mic timer (there’s a limit to how long you can talk for on DeathRun before letting it recharges. This solves the issue of everyone talking too much, too long, not giving anyone else the chance to talk. If it’s depleted, you have to wait for it to recharge. Also helps limit micspam while no staff member is on (which is very rare) and below that your taunt meter, after using your taunt (a funny audio clip of your choice that you can purchase in the store with in-game currency), you have to let it recharge.

Top middle shows you your current model and team. Below that is the next map/round end timers. Top right is any message the server wishes to display to you and below that are in-game announcements by staff members.

For the scoreboard, each player has a slot that is colored based on their rank. In taht screenshot, you can see regular players, moderators, admins and owners. There’s VIPs, Super admins and EVIPs not shown. Each player slot displays his avatar, name, rank, LP$ (you can hide your LP$ from other players in the options), current model, ping and whether they are muted, gagged or guard banned.

This may not seem like much, but compared to our old, terribly ugly (although functional) voting system, this is a puff of fresh air. You now see the reason in the window, you can change your vote, there’s a visual display of how many each votes has gotten and a calculated outcome at the bottom. You can minimize and maximize the window with the little arrow on the top right. Each blue “bar” represents one vote. VIPs’ votes count for two bars.
P.S: The vote reason is a joke, it’s an admin and we were testing around. We don’t tolerate abuse of votekick on our servers.

With our in-game menu, we were aiming at making the gamemodes feel more like a standalone game than a gamemode. This also allowed us to fit lots of new features in a nice, neat presentable form. The menus’ buttons change depending on which gamemode you’re on (aka there’s no “Spectate” on Jailbreak, it’s “Swaplist” instead).

We added over 100 new items to the store. Hats, trails, models, melee reskins, taunts, chat tags, buffs… I haven’t counted them but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was around 200 different things you can buy/equip/customize your character with. **We keep download times in mind when adding new items to the store, there’s a content pack on the forums and we have a high performing webserver, you’ll reach your max download speed while joining our servers so it should only take a few minutes to download everything including the current map when joining.
The store allows you to preview anything you can equip on any model so you can find exactly how you want to look before buying the stuff. If a hat doesn’t look right on the model, it’s not an issue because you can adjust its position in your inventory.

Deathrun Miscs

Jailbreak Miscs

I think the inventory is my favorite new feature (the old gamemodes have an inventory, but it’s pretty ugly and bare. Refer to the screenshot above with a big red OLD on it). You can now, like in the store, preview any model with any hat, any melee, etc. You can also adjust and colorize hats in any way you like. Want a cone up your butt? Do it. Want to turn a watermelon into a black afro? Do it. Want to clip a viking helmet in your head and only poke out the horns and color it red so it looks like you’re a little imp? Do it. I seriously can not wait to see what people are going to come up with.

You can drag around/scroll/zoom in/zoom out/pan the camera around the preview model on the right, like in 3D software.

Rifles/guns/medkits that you have will show up on your body, even when holstered away. Rebelling prisoners will have to be sneaky. Knives are still concealable though.

The warden can place markers to make instructions easier to follow. “Prisoners, crouch-walk to marker A.” is easier to follow than “Prisoners, crouch-walk to the bottom of the stair case with the two little hooks coming out of its right side.”

Bunch of new last requests. :slight_smile:

We don’t feel the necessity to make our gamemodes public yet, mostly because we can handle them pretty well and we’re still very active about updating it. I just don’t feel there’s a need for more servers with the LifePunch gamemodes on it yet. Possibly in the future. **As for the release date of the very big update itself, check ** for more info.

Thank you for taking the time to read/explore this. I’d really appreciate honest criticism, both positive and constructively negative. We’ve worked on this forever and we’re really close to making the VBU playable. We’re really, REALLY excited to see what players are going to think of it when they start playing. **Please keep in mind there’s a lot more than is shown up there. Swaplists, new weapons, custom textures/scoping, etc. Not even the trailer makes it justice.

**As for the community itself, I genuinely try my best to make sure that all the staff members know exactly how to react to most situations. They all act very humanely and we emphasize on being friendly to players. So long as you’re not trying to cause trouble, you’ll be more than welcome and we’ll treat you like a highly honored guest, because we actually think you are. We have a Teamspeak 3 and a really friendly community all around, we play other games together, we chat on the forums, we have lots of fun and all the staff team is involved with the players. We’re more of a group of friends than a big community, or at least try to make it that way as much as possible. Yes, there are kids on our servers and yes, we allow them to use their microphones, but I think that it’s usually kept well under control, we make sure younger players stay calm and don’t get too loud on their microphones whenever we can.

I really want to thank Drew. You’re a total fucking boss. I design everything, I make all the art, all the textures, come up with all the ideas and decisions and he very simply, elegantly and skillfully codes them. He is one of the most impressive coders I’ve seen in my life and it’s an absolute pleasure to work with him. I think we make an amazing team and the success of our gamemodes shows it. He’s really my brother from another mother.

Im…in love with the GUI…

Holy shit, that menu’s one of the best gamemode menus I’ve ever seen in GMod, and I’ve seen a fair few.
Nice work, can’t wait to see what else (new maps/gamemodes?) might be coming in the future.


Thanks, the inventory/store GUI was a thorn in my ass because I had to do my best to keep the width smaller than 1024px to support most resolutions. There’s no resizing a menu like that with so many buttons, panels and whatnot.

Very nice GUI. I’m sure it will be as moderately fun as garrysmod jailbreak and death run can be.:words:

I genuinely believe that JailBreak and DeathRun on Garry’s Mod are considerably more fun than on Counter-Strike Source. So many more possibility and things to do.

As for Gun Game, I honestly have no idea whether they’re going to be as popular as our JailBreak and DeathRun servers. For all I know the gamemode could be a total flop and really boring on Garry’s Mod, but we’re having quite a bit of fun playtesting as we develop it, so I hope you guys will enjoy it aswell.

I’m making a video in GMOD of me reacting to it, :smiley:

Holy fucking shit. That looks nice.

Hawt. :3

Hey I remember you from the original LifePunch thread. :smiley:

I’d suggest varying the fonts for headers, rather than using calibri for everything. Maybe even choose a different font entirely as well, instead of calibri.

This would be a good place to start:

Sam… Cry about it.

Definitely agree with varying, although wouldn’t that kill the uniformity of the design?

P.s: did Calibri become the new comic sans and no one told me? :V

Nice VGUI i might just have to make a similiar scoreboard and whatnot

I think if you experiment a bit, you’ll find that it can look better. Also, Calibri isn’t “the new comic sans,” but it isn’t anything special.

You should align the number wang (or whatever its called) to the right on the Hat Colorizer instead of the text to the left.

You mean the little up and down arrows?

I have ventured out of the DD cave to read :lurk:

I’m not a fan of the blue/black, but that looks really good. Nice job.